I am really bad at about me things.



So, I have to find a home for this little baby before I go off to college on the 17th of August. He’s a nine (9) week old Netherland Dwarf male, and has a very sweet disposition. I am not doing free to a good home, because I do not want him to end up as snake food for someone’s pet. He’s priced at $15.00, I can go as low as $10.00. I’m able to take his parents with me to college, but not him (I would if I could). If anyone out there is in the Orlando area and is interested, please drop me an ask and we can discuss the specifics. 

Look at that face. Look at how cute and adorable he is. His favourite thing to do is sit on my shoulder while I read. He also enjoys being carried around like a baby. Did you know he’s only nine inches all stretched out? Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest of the rabbit breeds. He’d make a great pet.

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